Well today is the last full day before the Academy Awards.  For the last 3 years or so I have tried to see and predict the Oscar winners. This is the first year that I began looking into it so early in the year. I really started thinking about it August and started this blog September 12th. A lot has happened since then. Many movies were being thrown around in August as having Oscar potential and most of them either had bad reviews, poor box office results or just not enough money or backing to campaign. I think that everyone agrees that it is a political game and the best movies of the year don’t always win. The Academy is perceived as old and out of touch with the current times. This will be realized if THE KING’S SPEECH wins out over THE SOCIAL NETWORK.  Here is a quick review of the last year:

*THE SOCIAL NETWORK vs. THE KING’S SPEECH-In the beginning THE NETWORK was being called the best movie ever made and was guaranteed to win Best Picture. It was winning every critics award and everyone was talking about it. Then came THE SPEECH. All of a sudden it began winning all of the guild awards and quickly moved to the top of the list.

*I thought for sure I’M STILL HERE, CLIENT 9 and WAITING FOR SUPERMAN would be nominated for Best Documentary. None of them made the cut.

*There was talk of Tyler Perry getting a nomination for THE COLORED GIRLS. The movie had horrible reviews and didn’t make any money.

*We all thought that THE TOWN had all the makings of a Best Picture and Director nomination, but Jeremy Renner is the only one to come out if it.

*What ever happened to CONVICTION?

*One of my favorite movies of the year LET ME IN had a lot of early praise, but not many saw it and it is a horror film.

Many critics and bloggers this year have said that it was an ugly year and they can’t wait for it to all be over. I too am ready for the winners to be announced and then start looking into next year.

p.s. I am seeing a lot of changes to Best Supporting Actress picks. I am sticking with Melissa Leo. See all my picks in MY 2011 PREDICTIONS page.


I was going to create my own printabel Oscar ballot, but I found this one through Fandango that I like. Fell free to print it out, mark your picks and follow along Sunday night.

I have been reading about a lot of predictors changing their picks to compensate from some surprises. I am not changing anything and going with my original pics. We will see how that turns out.



Sample Ballot

The Oscar Ballots are due today by 5pm at PricewaterhouseCoopers Office in Los Angeles. The campaigning is over and time to count the votes. Much of the counting process is kept secret, but here is a little bit of how the votes are counted. Each panel of the ballot is torn off and staffers count the votes for each category. After that only 2 people look over the results and by the end of the day Thursday they will be the only people that know the results. Friday envelopes are prepared for every conceivable winner as to not leak any information. Then the set of envelopes with the winners are prepared by the 2 partners and the rest are destroyed. Then Sunday night the envelopes are opened. Hopefully the right ones.


Each year with the advancement in technology comes more ways to interact with the Academy Awards. There are some pretty good Apps this year. Here are some courtesy of Appolicious:

A good place to start is The Academy’s own The Oscars app (free). It is broken down into two main categories: The Academy and The Oscars. In The Academy section you will find related news, photos and video. It also has a fabulous database of past winners which can be searched by category or decade. Do you want to know who won for best actor in a leading role in 1952? You can find it in the database: Gary Cooper for his role in High Noon.

If you are the opinionated type, then you must be dying to put in your two cents with a vote. The Vanity Fair Hollywood: Oscars Edition app (free) allows users to vote in 27 categories. It probably includes the ones you barely know anything about, like “Achievement in Makeup,” too. Download this app, and you’ll have a shot at winning a free trip for two to Los Angeles.

The Awards Guide: The Oscars app (free) also allows you to vote for your favorite film, or actors and actresses. And this app shows real-time voting results, so you can know where your top picks stand. The app also includes a nice feature wherein users can see not only past Oscar winners, but also how many times an individual was nominated and for what. This is a great feature, given that some of the best films ever made were overlooked by Academy voters.
For the very best in movie history, check out the Oscars History app ($1.99). It includes a great trivia game with questions like “Who was the youngest winner of an acting award? (from Paper Moon, 1973).” It was Tatum O’Neal at 10-years old.

As lovely as they are, we all know that the Oscars aren’t just about the movies. Built around it is an entire industry of parties, red carpet events, stylists and lots of very expensive fashion. Day-after analysis often includes as much talk about sartorial decisions as it does about who went home with the little bronze statues. That is why the Live From the Red Carpet app (free) is an absolute must-have. From the one-shoulder dresses to the Christian Louboutins, it’s all there.