Daniel Day-Lewis Could Win One Final Oscar

Daniel Day-Lewis announced his retirement on Tuesday at age 60. This is a private decision and neither he nor his representatives will make any further comment on this subject his statement reads. Day-Lewis is one of the few actors to shy away from attention as you can even tell by his retirement statement. He may hate the spotlight, but he has won 3 Best Actor Oscars, more than anyone in Academy history.  

He could possibly win his 4th and final Oscar with this year’s release of Paul Thomas Anderson’s Phantom Thread. The official description from IMDB is rather vague. Set in the fashion world of 1950s London, a dressmaker (Charles James) is commissioned to design for members of high society and the royal family. Known for his method style of preparation, Day-Lewis is bound to make it a little more interesting than described.

Who is Charles James?

Charles James was a real designer, who was born in 1906  into a wealthy military family and became known as America’s First Couturier. James is little-known in the UK, but his influence was considerably greater across the Pond, where he designed dresses for socialites and movie stars including Marlene Dietrich. By 1950, when Phantom Thread is set.

James mixed in glamorous circles. He was a close friend of Cecil Beaton whom he met while at school in Harrow, where he also met Evelyn Waugh, before being expelled for a “sexual escapade”. He apparently made no effort to hide his homosexuality, much to the ire of his father, a British army officer. In 1954, however, he married Nancy Lee Gregory, an affluent woman from Kansas who was 20 years his junior; they were together for seven years.

James is credited with inspiring Christian Dior to create The New Look, the flirtatious, fitted styling of the late Forties that revolutionized fashion in the middle of the last century.

Besides a few behind the scenes pictures on the internet, there is very little else being said about the film. If it is any good at all, the Academy may want to honor Day-Lewis one last time with Best Actor nomination. If anything, it will get him to attend the ceremony.

Phantom Thread is set to be released on the very Oscar-friendly date of December 25th.


Thank You for Your Service Gets a Trailer

Universal Pictures has released the first trailer for Thank You for Your Service. The film is about journalist David Finkel’s book of the same name and his struggles with PTSD. It revolves around solidiers returning home from Iraq and struggle to integrate back into family and civilian life. American Sniper author Jason Hall makes his directorial debut. 

Miles Teller, fresh off of his arrest this weekend for public drunkenness, plays the lead. Teller absolutely should have been nominated for Whiplash. This may be the vehicle that gets him there. 

The film also stars Haley Bennett and Amy Schumer. 

Thank You for Your Service opens October 27th.

Last Flag Flying Opens New York Film Festival

Richard Linklarer’s Last Flag Flying will open this year’s New York Film Festival.  It stars Steve Carell, Bryan Cranston and Laurence Fishburne who are Navy veterans that reunite to bury the son of Carell’s character, who has been killed in the Iraq War.  Last Flag Flying is supposed to be a quasi-sequel to the 1973 Hal Ashby comedy The Last Detail. 

NYFF Director and selection committee chair said in statement “Last Flag Flying is many things at once — infectiously funny, quietly shattering, celebratory, mournful, meditative, intimate, expansive, vastly entertaining, and all-American in the very best sense,” NYFF director and selection committee chair Kent Jones said in a statement. “But to isolate its individual qualities is to set aside the most important and precious fact about this movie: that it all flows like a river. That’s only possible with remarkable artists like Steve Carell, Laurence Fishburne and Bryan Cranston, and a master like Richard Linklater behind the camera.”

Each year, the New York Film Festival becomes more and more a precursor to the Oscars. It’s not quite Telleride or Toronto, but it is beginning to make a name for itself. Previous opening films include The Walk, Gone Girl and Captain Phillips. Last years Oscar Best Picture Moonlight was one of the featured films that played NY. 

The New York Film Festival runs Sept. 28 – Oct. 15.

Amazon Studios will release the film on Oscar friendly date of November 17th. 

2017 Golden Trailer Awards Winners – Full List


The 2017 Golden Trailer Awards winners have been announced, recognizing the very best in movie marketing. Warner Brothers won the most awards with 26. Wonder Woman took the top honor of Best of Show as well as Best Fantasy/Adventure Trailer. The LEGO Batman Movie won the most trophies for a single film with 5.

Full list of winners:

Best of Show
Wonder Woman 

Best Opening Weekend
Captain America: Civil War

Best Action
Baby Driver

Best Animation / Family
The Lego Batman Movie

Best Comedy
The House

Best Documentary
I Am Not Your Negro

Best Drama

Best Fantasy /Adventure
Wonder Woman

Best Horror

Best Independent Trailer
Manchester By The Sea

Best Music

Best Summer 2017 Blockbuster Trailer
Atomic Blonde

Best Teaser
Blade Runner: 2049

Best Thriller
A Cure for Wellness

Golden Fleece
Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Most Original Trailer
The Nice Guys

Trashiest Trailer
Bad Santa 2

Best Independent Trailer (for film budget shot under a million US)
Deep Water: The Real Story

Best Motion/Title Graphics
Atomic Blonde

Best Romance
The Light Between Oceans

Best Original Score
La La Land

Best Sound Editing
Atomic Blonde

Best Trailer – No Movie
The Kill Team

Best Video Game Trailer
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

The Don LaFontane Award for Best Voice Over
I Am Not Your Negro

Best Foreign Action Trailer

Best Foreign Animation Family Trailer
Loving Vincent

Best Foreign Comedy Trailer
David Brent: Life On The Road

Best Foreign Documentary Trailer
I am Bolt

Best Foreign Drama Trailer

Best Foreign Graphics in a Trailer
Loving Vincent

Best Foreign Horror Trailer

Best Foreign Independent Trailer

Best Foreign Music Trailer

Best Foreign Romance Trailer
My Cousin Rachel

Best Foreign Teaser
Lady Macbeth

Best Foreign Thriller Trailer
The Girl With All The Gifts

Best Foreign Trashiest Trailer
The Lure

Golden Fleece Foreign
A Few Less Men

Most Original Foreign Trailer

Best Action TV Spot (for a Feature Film)
John Wick: Chapter 2

Best Animation / Family TV Spot (for a Feature Film)
The Lego Batman Movie

Best Comedy TV Spot (for a Feature Film)

Best Documentary TV Spot (for a Feature Film)

Best Drama TV Spot (for a Feature Film)

Best Fantasy Adventure TV Spot (for a Feature Film)
Doctor Strange

Best Foreign TV Spot (for a Feature Film)
Train to Busan

Best Graphics in a TV Spot (for a Feature Film)

Best Horror TV Spot (for a Feature Film)
Don’t Breathe

Best Independent TV Spot (for a Feature Film)

Best Music TV Spot (for a Feature Film)
La La Land

Best Original Score TV Spot (for a Feature Film)
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Best Romance TV Spot (for a Feature Film)
La La Land

Best Sound Editing in a TV Spot (for a Feature Film)
Sully: Miracle On The Hudson

Best Summer 2017 Blockbuster TV Spot (for a Feature Film)
Guardians Of The Galaxy 2

Best Teaser TV Spot (for a Feature Film)
Sausage Party

Best Thriller TV Spot (for a Feature Film)
A Cure for Wellness

Best Video Game TV Spot
Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Best Voice Over TV Spot (for a Feature Film)
The Lego Batman Movie

Golden Fleece TV Spot (for a Feature Film)
Assassin’s Creed

Most Original TV Spot (for a Feature Film)
Sully: Miracle On The Hudson

Best Action (TV Spot / Trailer / Teaser for a series)

Best Animation / Family (TV Spot / Trailer / Teaser for a series)

Best Comedy (TV Spot / Trailer / Teaser for a series)
Last Week Tonight

Best Documentary (TV Spot / Trailer / Teaser for a series)
Get Me Roger Stone, Netflix

Best Drama (TV Spot / Trailer / Teaser for a series)
Big Little Lies

Best Fantasy Adventure (TV Spot / Trailer / Teaser for a series)
Stranger Things Season 1

Best Foreign (TV Spot / Trailer / Teaser for a series)
The Silent Valley

Best Graphics (in a TV Spot / Trailer / Teaser for a series)
American Horror Story

Best Horror / Thriller (TV Spot / Trailer / Teaser for a series)

Best Independent (TV Spot / Trailer / Teaser for a series)
I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore

Best Music (TV Spot / Trailer / Teaser for a series)

Best Original Score (TV Spot / Trailer / Teaser for a series)
Better Call Saul S2

Best Promo for a TV Network
Netflix Empowering Women

Best Sound Editing (in a TV Spot / Trailer / Teaser for a series)

Best Voice Over (in a TV Spot / Trailer / Teaser for a series)
Designated Survivor

Most Original (TV Spot / Trailer / Teaser for a series)
American Horror Story

Best Action Poster
The Magnificent Seven

Best Animation / Family Movie Poster
Pete’s Dragon

Best Billboard
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Best Comedy Poster
The Nice Guys

Best Documentary Poster
Lo and Behold

Best Drama Poster
Hacksaw Ridge

Best Fantasy / Adventure Poster
Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Best Foreign Poster
The Man Who Was Thursday

Best Horror Poster
Alien: Covenant

Best Independent Poster

Best International Poster
Get Out

Best Motion Poster
The Birth of a Nation

Best Romance Poster
La La Land

Best Summer 2017 Blockbuster Poster
Wonder Woman

Best Teaser Poster
Kong: Skull Island

Best Thriller Poster

Best Video Game Poster
Halo Wars 2

Best Wildposts
Dr. Strange

Most Original Poster
Simpsons 600

Trashiest Poster
Jon Glaser Loves Gear

Best Comedy TV Series Poster
The Simpsons 600

Best Documentary/Reality TV Series Poster
American Crime Story: The People Vs. O.J. Simpson

Best Drama/Action TV Series Poster
Big Little Lies

Best Horror/Thriller TV Series Poster
Fight of the Living Dead

Most Innovative Advertising for a Feature Film

Most Innovative Advertising (for a TV Series / Streaming Series)

Most Innovative Advertising for a Video Game
Fantastic Contraption

Most Innovative Advertising for a Brand / Product
The Tale of Thomas Burberry

Best Viral Campaign

Best TrailerByte for a Feature Film
The Lego Batman Movie

Best TrailerByte for a TV Series/Streaming Series
Fargo S3

Best Pre-show Theatrical Advertising for a Brand

Best Opening Title Sequence or Closing Credit Sequence
XXX: Return of Xander Cage

Best Opening Title Sequence or Closing Credit Sequence for a TV/Streaming Series
Big Little Lies

Best Radio / Audio Spot
The Lego Batman Movie

Best Trailer for Book or Novel
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Best Film Festival Poster
Madame Butterfly

Best Film Festival Trailer
America’s Art Colony, Crash & Sue’s

Spielberg Fast Tracks The Papers


Steven Spielberg put another project on hold to direct The Papers, a film based on the Washington Post’s decision to publish the classified Pentagon Papers in 1971. Spielberg felt that the material was timely enough to get the film out this year.

Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep quickly jumped on board. Hanks play Post editor Ben Bradlee who teamed up with publisher Kay Graham played by Streep. The Pentagon Papers was a classified study that revealed harrowing details about the futility of the Vietnam War, which exposed that the Nixon Administration had been lying to the public. When the White House stopped the New York Times’ initial release of the papers, Bradlee and Graham fought to publish the rest in direct defiance of the Executive Branch.

Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg sit in on a journalist meeting at The Washington Post to prepare for their roles in The Papers.

The rest of the cast was announced yesterday. Most of which come from some of the biggest shows on TV right now. The cast includes; Alison Brie, Carrie Coon (Fargo, The Leftovers), David Cross, Bruce Greenwood, Tracy Letts, Bob Odenkirk (Better Call Saul), Sarah Paulson (American Horror Story), Jesse Plemons, Matthew Rhys (The Americans), Michael Stuhlbarg (Fargo), Bradley Whitford, and Zach Woods. Sounds like a Best Ensemble SAG nomination.

Ther Papers is currently shooting and is supposed to be released on the Oscar-Friendly date of December 22nd in NY and LA and open wide on January 12, 2018. That gives Spielberg 6 months to finish shooting and post production. An extremely ambitious schedule. This doesn’t give the film time to run the festival circuit that is often needed to get Oscar attention, but if it is strong enough, it won’t need the early year buzz.

Can Wonder Woman be an Oscar Contender? 

Scott Feinberg at The Hollywood Reporter spoke to a few Academy members who attended a screening of Wonder Woman at the organizations headquarters in Beverly Hills. 
Large, enthusiastic crowd,” wrote one male member of the public relations branch who is not connected to Warner Bros., the film’s distributor, or the film itself. “Big applause for Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot.

There were Quite a few older Academy members, so clearly they were interested in the film. It played extremely well. If a film like this can get Oscar attention, this might be the one this year.”  A female member of the sound branch wrote, Lots of applause for the credits. Some sniffling here and there. The sound was good — seat-rattling, and not in the Michael Bay hit-you-over-the-head way. Nice mix too. The VFX were okay — some mattes were cheesy, but the production design was great and the music, as well, was stellar. The screenplay was smart, so that’s a possibility. Hard film for the Academy to ignore, and the fact that so many showed up and applauded is a good sign. It’s fun and patriotic in its innocence, meaning if you are an America First Republican it hit you over the head! As soon as Chris Pine comes on the scene, the film takes flight and never lands or takes a breath. It could actually garner a best picture nomination. And Gal Gadot is perfect.”

Feinberg also quotes a member of the executives branch who was not able to attend Saturday night’s screening and wrote “I’m eager to see it. It sounds absolutely wonderful. And truly, there’s nothing else to see.”
That’s the key, when there is nothing else to see, the Academy is looking for anything that might look like an Oscar contender in June. 

Wonder Woman Sets Record

Wonder Woman made its $100.5 million box-office debut US theaters this weekend. Directed by Patty Jenkins, it had the biggest opening ever for a movie directed by a woman. 

According to studio estimates Sunday, Wonder Woman passed industry expectations with one of the summer’s biggest debuts. With an A CinemaScore, 93% on Rotten Tomatoes and 76 on Metacritic, Wonder Woman has also become one of the best reviewed super hero films of the year. 

The rest of the top 10 this week: