Every year in September potential Oscar nominated movies come to light. Often the movies bounced around now never make it all the way to a nomination. Some even say its bad luck to get in on the race in September. Although movies like Titanic and American Beauty were talked about early on and made it all the way. There is plenty of time for dark horses to pop out.  last year the Blind Side came out of nowhere.
     This year could be different. There is so much buzz around THE SOCIAL NETWORK, THE KING’S SPEECH and 127 HOURS that its hard to imagine these films will not be nominated. Some people think the race is already over. There are still many movies to be released this year that could gain some ground. Some films my not even have distribution yet. THE SOCIAL NETWORK will be hard to beat. Right now I can’t see another film coming out that will be bigger.  I will keep you updated on any black horses that arise.
Here are a few films still to be released that may surprise us:

-HEREAFTER (October 22)

-SECRETARIAT (October 8)

-FAIR GAME (November 5)



-MADE IN DAGENHAM (November 19)

-LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS ( November 24)

-TRUE GRIT (December 25)

-ANOTHER YEAR (December 31)

There will be many acting and technical awards coming out of these movies.

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