The Kids are All Right is about two children who are conceived by artificial insemination and bring their birth father into their family life. It is a small quiet movie that really showcases a great ensemble of actors. Annette Bening and Julianne Moore play a gay couple raising two teenage kids. Films like this tend to play slow, but The Kids are All Right is not one of them. It plays at just the right pace to keep it interesting and with a few laughs.
     The big argument concerning this film is who should be nominated for best Actress. Should both Bening and Moore compete in the same category based on how much they are in the film? Some say Julianne Moore should concede to a Best Supporting Actress so that Annette Bening can go all the way to win Best Actress. Both are great in their roles and both deserve a nomination, but Bening will be tough to beat. My prediction is Best Actress nomination for both of them with Bening being the winner. Definitely check out The Kids Are All Right. It will be released on DVD on November 16th.



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