Natalie Portman plays Nina Sayers who wants to be the perfect ballet dancer.  The film zeros in on the relationship between her and her rival. Portman is sure to get an Oscar nomination and is the front runner for a win, but the movie itself does not really live up to the hype. I did appreciate the movie, but Darren Aronosky manipulates the audience too much so you are not sure what is real or not. I am not a fan of films that do this. It is a horror film or a more artsy psychological thriller. Portman is the highlight. She worked five hours a day for 10 months practicing ballet and lost a tremendous amount of weight. Her performance is surely Oscar worthy. Barbara Hershey is also very good as Portman’s controlling mother. Mila Kunis is excellent playing the rival. It will most likely be nominated in the Best Picture category, but not good enough for a win.



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