I am working on my predictions and will have them posted by Monday. Hopefully I do better than the opossum!

BERLIN (Reuters) – Germany’s celebrity cross-eyed opossum Heidi has been recruited by Hollywood to predict winners of the Academy Awards on U.S. television, the Leipzig Zoo said Friday.
The opossum will appear from her home in Leipzig, Germany, on the “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and chat show on channel ABC, which also broadcasts the Oscars.
“We’re very happy about the appearance and hope that Heidi will not just represent the zoo but the city of Leipzig as well,” zoo spokeswoman Maria Saegebarth said, adding that the date of Heidi’s appearance has not been finalized.
Heidi became a star in Germany when her photo appeared in the mass-circulation newspaper Bild in December.



  1. I really liked Exit Thru the Gift Shop, too. It made me wodenr at the gift of you artist types and what drives you to create every day. While I don’t mind the darker street art I am not sure I would want it on my brick wall. And there are some places it really should not go, like a wooden fence for example, but there is amazing work out there and the stealthiness may be part of its attraction. I have a cement wall outside my house that has been waiting years for someone to come along


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