Although I am sticking with my predictions there could be a few surprises. Here are some examples:

THE SOCIAL NETWORK wins Best Picture-Very unlikely, but it really is the better film.  It’s hard to bet against THE KING’S SPEECH, but there are a lot of critics and bloggers who are not happy about THE SPEECH being the winner.

Tom Hooper wins over David Fincher-Again THE KINGS SPEECH has the most nominations and going to win Best Picture. It could mean a win for Hopper as Director.

Bening wins over Portman-Everyone in the Academy loves Annette Bening. This is her 4th nomination and she has never won. This could be a way to recognize her entire body of work. Natalie Portman does not seem to have a sense of humor and when asked questions about anything but BLACK SWAN she gets annoyed. This could hurt her.

Geoffrey Rush wins over Christian Bale-THE KINGS SPEECH could sweep this year and Rush may be pulling ahead of Bale. Rush has been campaigning while Bale has kept a low profile.

Hailee Steinfeld over Melissa Leo-This may be the only place that the Academy can award TRUE GRIT for anything. Leo definitely puts on the better performance, but her decision to campaign on her own could hurt her.


One thought on “SOME SURPRISES?

  1. I think that Benning over Portman won't happen, and although Director is tricky, I still think Fincher will win. Rush could surprise, but I really think it's Bales. Leo might lose, I just have a gut feeling..


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