It is May 1st already and I am ready to start talking about this years awards season. Obviously it is way early to begin making picks although some websites have. I will begin writing about some possible contenders, but only time will tell how they will perform.

Some things have happened since The Academy Awards in February…

-The reviews for Anne Hathoway and James Franco as hosts were horrible. Franco agrees that he might not have given it his all. The ratings were poor with no surprise winners.

-The body double for Natalie Portman in the Black Swan claims that she did 95% of the dancing in the film. She Claims that Portman is not the great ballerina dancer that everyone has given her credit for. Ballerina dancers spend all of their lives learning to dance. They also have very unique bodies that only years of dancing could make. It only makes sense that a professional ballerina would do most of the dancing. Portman’s performance out shined any dancing that she did. She still deserves the win.

-Alice Ward, the mother and one-time manager of retired boxing champion Micky Ward, died Wednesday in Boston.  Actress Melissa Leo won a best supporting actress Oscar earlier this year for her portrayal of Alice Ward in 2010’s “The Fighter,” which itself was nominated for best picture.

-The Academy announced the date for next years show.  It will be held February 26th, pretty much relying on the same schedule as this year


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