In THE IRON LADY Meryl Streep plays British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Streep has had 16 Oscar nominations. Her last one was in 2009 for JULIA JULIA. She lost to Sandra Bullock.  In THE IRON LADY she plays a real person from Britain. The Academy loves that, remember THE KING’S SPEECH? Streep is due for another Best Actress win. It has been since 1982 for SOPHIE’S CHOICE. There is not a trailer or release date yet, but I will keep you updated.


One thought on “MERYL STREEPS YEAR?

  1. She certainly is overdue, but I think that Streep's role in August Osage County is a stronger bet. it's an amazing play, and she is an incredibly juicy role. If the movie doesn't release in September like I heard on Wikipedia, then I think she'll win at the 2013 Oscars. But who knows, this could be her chance. but something seems iffy about the movie.


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