SUPER 8 (award potential: slim to none) The most anticipated non-sequel summer film of the year.  So far it has earned more than predicted for the weekend, so it will beat X-MEN to win the weekend.

I did see the movie last night and I agree with the mixed reviews. The coming of age nostalgic part of the film is mildly entertaining. Growing up in the 70’s it brought back a lot memory’s, but the alien story was weak. Actually if you took the alien part out it would be a better film. J.J. Abrams wanted the audience to sympathize with this destructive alien that just destroyed an entire town. The big secret is what the alien looks like….ummm it doesn’t look much different than other movie aliens. But for the most part Super 8 is worth a look. I think it plays much better on the big screen than it would at home.


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