Dante Cesa from Engadget writes about a new way to pay for movies. Sounds like a cool idea:

Here’s a scenario: you’d love to see the latest blockbuster, but aren’t willing to fork out a month’s wages to do so. Cue MoviePass, a startup seeking to make life cheaper (fiscally, not emotionally) for repeat cinema moviegoers. The $50 subscription allows for “unlimited” cinema screenings, provided you’re okay with a few caveats: 3D or IMAX screenings incur a $3 surcharge, and you’ll be limited to one flick per day. Tickets must also be purchased on a partner website, netting you a coupon code that’s exchanged for stubs in-theater. Not the most elegant solution, but the reliance on paper prevents folks from re-watching or double-dipping while inside. If that sounds just a bit too jovial for you, the company’s also considering a chopped-down $30 plan, which would impose a four movie limit each month. It’s launching as a trial this weekend in San Francisco, so if you’ve nothing better to do, give it a go and let us know how it works out.


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