Before this weekend their were not many expectations for THE RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES. The trailer was good, but everyone figured it would not be much better than the disappointing Tim Burton version in 2001.

Then the critics began to screen it and I read that some were saying “best picture so far this year”, Best Picture contender and Best Actor for Andy Serkis playing the motion captured Ape. It then sparked my interest and I ran to see it this weekend.  Either I am totally crazy or it has been such a bad summer at the movies that critics are looking for anything to love. APES is good, but not great. The motion capture is pretty impressive, but it makes the chimps look “too human” and I felt like it took me out of the movie. There is no way that the Academy will pick PLANET OF THE APES as their number one movie of the year. (with new voting 5% of voters will have to choose APES as their number one choice) Serkis getting an acting nomination is just as crazy. Granted there are acting skills needed to “act” with only facial expressions and convey what the chimp is feeling. But motion capture can be manipulated in post production to make any expression they need in the end. I would imagine that the acting community would not embrace computer generated actors getting acting awards. I could see a category dedicated to motion capture acting in the future but any other way would not be fair.

So everyone needs to just calm down and wait for the real award winners in the fall!!


One thought on “DAMN DIRTY APES

  1. The technology and performances that bring the apes to life make the film a must-see for any modern movie fan, but it’s the emotion and humanity of Caesar’s story that makes the film a must-see for any movie fan at all. Good Review!


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