There were a lot of movies released early in the year that create Oscar buzz. Usually due to the fact that there is nothing to talk about for the first 6 months. Any real Oscar contender is not released until the Fall for that very reason. Here is a list of some of the movies that I thought might have Oscar potential but once they were released it was clear they weren’t:

THE BEAVER: Was supposed to be released last year, but due to Mel Gibson’s issues they waited until this year. There was talk that Gibson could get an acting nomination. Turns out the movie was not that great and not too many want to forgive Gibson just yet.

SOURCE CODE-Was a good movie and received good reviews, but everyone has forgotten about it. It just is not kind of movie that can sustain an Oscar run through the year.

SUPER 8-When it came out it was the best rated movie of the Summer. Paramount is not really behind it for an Oscar campaign. It could get nominated for a few technical awards, but will not win over POTTER and APES.

THE TREE OF LIFE-Critics loved it, the average movie goer said “what the hell was that?” Again if they were serious about an Oscar it would been released later in the year.

LARRY CROWNE-Tom Hank, Julia Roberts how could they not get nominated? Well the movie sucked!

Many more will come and go before the end of the year. The movie distributors need to spend a lot of money to campaign for an Oscar run, so they choose carefully. Please feel free to comment on any other movies that started with Oscar buzz and went away.


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