I have to take back some of the things I wrote about THE HELP.  Because this movie came out of nowhere I was very quick to say that it didn’t have a chance at any Oscar nominations. I definitely spoke too soon. The word of mouth has quickly risen THE HELP to the top of the box office as well as Oscar talk. The performances of Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer can’t be ignored as I had presumed.

I have learned that it’s really tough to predict how a movie will do until you have seen it. The overall story line of THE HELP has some holes and is not a perfect movie. Some of the racially charged comments can be jarring, but it is a good representation some of the thinking Mississippi during the 60’s. I still have my doubts about it getting a Best Picture nomination. I don’t have my doubts about Spencer and Davis. The problem then becomes do they both get nominated in a supporting role and compete against each other or does one get a Best Actress nom. over the other? The later gives at least one of them a chance at a win. They could also cancel each other out all together. They are going to be up against Meryl Streep, Glenn Close and Tilda Swinton for Best Actress. That is some tough competition. My guess is Viola Davis gets a Best Supporting Actress nomination with a good chance at a win. Octavia Spencer unfortunately could get shut out. Her performance is more comedic against Davis’ very emotional range.


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