We are about at the half way mark from last years Oscars to this years. This week also officially begins the film festival season where movies get screened for critics and Academy voters. Some also use the festivals to get distribution for their movies. A movie company that distributes your movie, promotes your movie and pays for an Oscar campaign is a huge win for a film maker.  Telluride begins Friday in Colorado. I will be posting news about Telluride as it happens. For now here is a list of possible Oscar Contenders that have already been released. If you like to see all of the movies before Oscar time check them out now because soon there will be a ton to see:

MIDNIGHT IN PARIS-Woddy Allen’s highest grossing film of all time. It has had great reviews and some Oscar buzz. It will most likely not maintain the Oscar momentum, but you never know. It is still showing in some theaters. DVD release date may not be until December.

TREE OF LIFE-At the beginning of the year the word was this was going to be the film to beat. Since its release that has faded. Reviews are mostly positive, but I am not really sure if they are campaigning for awards. It may get a Director nomination for Terrence Malick and a screenplay nomination, so check it out. Still showing in some theaters. Sean Penn hates that he was cut out so much and apparently a ton of other parts were cut. DVD release date October 11th and it could include a special 4 hour edition with everything left in.

THE HELP-Oh the little movie that could. Distributers spend millions promoting and campaigning for Oscars and then comes THE HELP to take over. It opened small and soon word of mouth pushed it to many Best Picture predictions. Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer and possibly Jessica Chastain have chances at getting acting nominations. You definately should see it before the Oscars. Still playing in theaters. No DVD release date yet.

APES, POTTER, TRANSFORMERS, PIRATES-Could all be in the running for technical awards. So if you are interested in seeing every possible contender these could be on the list.

BEGINNERS-Christopher Plummer is a good bet for a Best Supporting Actor nomination. In some theaters now, DVD release date is unknown.


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