One of the best movies to play at Telluride just got distribution rights bought by Fox Searchlight .  Some have said that SHAME is the best film of 2011. As I wrote earlier this week SHAME is directed by Steve McQueen and is the story of an man with a sexual addiction. Carey Mulligan and Michael Fassbender could be on the “Fassbender” to acting nominations. The potential problem is the nudity and sex scenes may make it  NC-17.  The conservative Academy voters are usually not a fan of “porn”. To his credit Steve Mcqueen says that he has no intention of editing the movie to an R rating. We will have to wait and see what rating the MPAA with give it. BLUE VALENTINE last year had the same problem. It was given an NC-17 rating and the Weinstein Company was able to get that overturned without editing the movie. I saw BLUE VALENTINE and do not understand how it was ever considered NC-17 material. SHAME might be a different story. Obviously I have not seen it yet, but hopefully if given an NC-17 McQueen will stick to his guns and edit the movie. I am a firm believer in movies being seen as they were originally intended and not watered down to be “politically correct” There is no reason and NC-17 movie can win an Academy Award.


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