Clooney in Venice

We are in the heart of festival season and many of the critics are loving everything they see. This is when all the hype starts and hear things like “best movie ever made” or “guaranteed to win Best Picture”. The thing you have to remember though is that these people are at a film festival getting wined and dined and hanging out with George Clooney. They are getting to see most of these movies for free, in a party atmosphere. I would think that most people in this situation will tend to love the movie regardless of how the movie REALLY is. Obviously there are exceptions and there are critics who keep an open mind and review the movie and not their experience. Everyone who has seen it loves THE DESCENDANTS and George Clooney. I am reading that it is the best of the year and will no doubt be nominated as Best Picture and Clooney will Best Actor. Then again Clooney attended the parties and mingled freely with many of the critics and bloggers. These festivals are the only thing we have to predict right now because most of the public has not seen them. Just something to keep in mind this early in the race.


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