Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, MONEYBALL is a baseball movie. It tells the story of the business side of baseball. Brad Pitt plays Billy Beane who has to grow the Oakland A’s into a viable team with little money. In addition to scouting and conventional methods of assembling a team, Beane introduces statistics and mathematical analysis into player evaluations. Of course, others in the league thinks he is crazy. MONEYBALL is a good movie, but not Best Picture good. Many of the reviews I have read predict a Best Picture nomination and that may very well be the case, but certainly not a winner. Brad Pitt’s performance is probably best of his career. I could see him getting a Best Actor nomination, but not a win either. Best Adapted Screen Play on the other hand is a lock. Aaron Sorkin again writes a great movie. Much like THE SOCIAL NETWORK there are many long scenes in MONEYBALL with actors just talking.  There are parts in the middle that are a little slow in. All in all MONEYBALL is a good movie and if you like to see all of the movies before Oscar night, you should check it out.


The reviews have been almost all positive. Rotten Tomaoes scrore is currently 94%.  With a Metacritic rating of 87.  It is thought that there needs to be a Metacritic rating of at least an 85 or higher to be considered as an Oscar contender. In case you dont know, Metacritic takes a group of movie critics who rate the movie up to 100.  They average their scores to come up with a Metacritic number. Rotten Tomatoes does sort of the same thing, but includes readers plus critics scores.  With these kind of numbers MONEYBALL will likely win the weekend Box Office.


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