If you have been following the Oscar race this year you have already heard the names of all of the Oscar contenders.  It is too late for any film now to come out of the woodwork and get any sort of Oscar attention. Producers need to start their push early, way before the movie comes out. The Oscar “buzz” has a huge influence on who gets nominated. Premiering films at festivals to critics and bloggers is very important to get the word out. By the time the movie opens in wide release everyone pretty much knows that they are seeing an award contender. In the next 3 months all of the movies that have been talked about will be released.  Not until the public sees them do we really know how the Academy might vote. A film could have a tremendous amount of Oscar buzz and then flop at the box office and yes box office numbers do make a difference. The Academy voters do not want a film that wasn’t a box office hit to win an Academy Award. Especially in a year when they are trying to improve the ratings of the ceremony.


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