The big “Summer” movie if the Fall is REAL STEAL. It has that it takes to get people to the movie theater, robots, Hugh Jackman and family friendly. THE IDES OF MARCH premiered earlier this year at Venice and Toronto. The critics were raving about Clooney’s acting and directing performance. It was a show in for some nominations. Turns out the movie itself is a political drama (not thriller) that people are that interested in. The thing it has going for it is the great cast; Ryan Gosling, George Clooney and Philp Seymour Hoffman. I have not personally seen MARCH yet, but it could have “MICHAEL CLAYTON disease”. CLAYTON did not do that well at the box office, was a political film and went on to get 7 nominations. Only time will tell with IDES OF MARCH has Oscar legs. I am sure Clooney is moving his sight on to THE DESCENDANTS. Another Clooney movie that is a lock for a Best Picture nomination. Below are the rest of the weekend results:

1  Real Steel $ 27.3 million

2 Ides of March $ 10.4 million

3  Dolphin Tale $ 9.2 million

4  Moneyball $ 7.5 million

5 50/50 $ 5.5 million

6 Courageous $ 4.6 million

7 The Lion King 3-D $ 4.6 million

8 Dream House $ 4.5 million

9 What’s Your Number? $ 3.1 million

10 Abduction $ 2.9 million


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