Been moving the last few days and finally have Internet. How did I ever live without it..anyway here are a few updates from the past few days:

*SHAME gets the expected NC-17 rating from the MPAA. The Academy shys away from any controversy (part of the problem) and probably do not want an NC-17 (formally known as X rated) to get any nominations. I have not seen SHAME, but apparently the full nude body shot of Carey Mulligan and a few close-ups of Fassbenders penis are enough. 

*WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN wins the Best Film at the London Film Festival.

*I am now way less optimistic about Eddie Murphy hosting the Oscars this year. His interview this week on Letterman was horrible. He had one word answers and seemed to care less about promoting TOWER HEIST. Murphy had no idea which film clip Letterman was going to show forcing Letterman to exclaim “Do I have to do everything?!”  For a comedian, Murphy has not sense of humor. In his Rolling Stone article he talks about his anger toward SNL for some jokes they made about him after he left. After not winning the Academy award for DREAMGIRLS he stormed out, so says his limo driver. Murphy himself says that he is “going to be the worst Oscar host ever”.  Lighten up Murphy before you suck the life out of the The Academy Awards!!


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