A few things have happened in the last few days:

*J. EDGAR was screened several times in the last week. The word on the street is mixed. Reviews for the movie as a whole haven’t been great, but Leonardo Dicaprios performance is thought to be worthy of a Best Actor nomination and pssibly a win. Some are questioning the quality of “aging” make-up”. Clint Eastwood did not want to CGI the older Edgar, but used mak-up to age him. I am not a fan of aging make-up it always looks fake. I will judge for myself when I see it.

*HUGO was screened with mostly positive reviews, but I am not ssure that will be enough for a Best Picture nomination, but maybe some techincal awards.

*Bret Ratner continues to put his foot in his mouth. As this years Producer of the very conservative Oscar group he better calm down. He had to apologize for saying that “rehearsals are for fags”. He had to clear up a story he told about Micheal Jackson taunting a homeless man when they were hanging out. He recently did an interview on Howard Stern discussing his sexual experiences, how big his balls are, were he likes to ejaculate, etc. None of this is a big deal unless you are producing the Oscars! Many are asking for his resignation from the job.


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