Meryl Streep unveiled the poster for THE IRON LADY this week. Paul Lynch says Streep’s performance is “astonishing and all but flawless”.  For a better past of the year Streep has been the front runner for the Best Actress win for her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher. Thatcher fans may find her portrayal not so flattering. I read that the film shows Thatcher as forgetful and “a little crazy”. Regardless of the fact that people need to lighten up and look at a film objectively and really realize how Streep portrays Thatcher brilliantly. An actress that can change her eyes just enough to look exactly like Thatcher is pretty amazing. She can play Julia Child and Margaret Thatcher 100% convincingly without making it a caricature of them. She has the record as having the most nominated actress in history with 16. She has only won twice (Kramer vs. Kramer and Sophie’s Choice). The odds are that this will be her third win.

The poster above has a release date of January 6th, but it is being released in NY and LA December 30th just in time to qualify for this year.


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