This weekend is all about THE TWILIGHT SAGA:BREAKING DAWN PART 1. It is going to kill at the box office despite bad reviews. It is predicted to do a whopping $150 million this weekend. It probably won’t get any Oscar nominations, but it will get plenty of MTV Movie Awards, like Best Pregnant Vampire In A Leading Role?  All it takes is a popular franchise to make a ton of money. HAPPY FEET 2 also comes out this weekend. Another movie for kids that will perform very well.

This weekend also begins the slow releases of many of the Oscar contenders. They usually begin in NY and LA, go to limited release and then slowly move to theaters across the country. THE DESCENDANTS (my pick for Best picture this year) was released Wednesday in limited theaters. It grossed $39,777 in 5 theaters on Wednesday. It expands to 29 theaters today with a prediction of  $1.6 million for the weekend. Not to worry, once word of mouth hits and more people see it will be on it’s way to a Best Picture win. If you happen to see it please post your review in the comments section.


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