GONE WITH THE WIND called and wants their shot back.

Here are a few notes from the Holiday weekend…

*No surprise, BREAKING DAWN won the box office weekend with $42 million, THE MUPPETS were in 2nd place. Oscar Contender HUGO came in 5th, J. EDGAR was down 16% to come in 10th place.

*Lots of WAR HORSE drama this weekend on the internets. It was screened for many of the critics over the weekend. Everyone seems to have a love or hate it reaction. Kris Tapley and Jeff Wells, both Oscar bloggers, went back and forth on it’s Best Picture chances. Kris says absolutely, while Jeff can’t believe anyone would think  “a sugary, caramel-covered, Hallmark greeting card” could win. The question is will it or should it? Yes WAR HORSE is very in your face and manipulative. Some of it could even be called cheesy. The scenes with the duck are a little over the top and the last shot of the movie is a little much, but the question is will The Academy vote for WAR HORSE as their number one film of the year? I think that it has too many flaws, but it also has all of the ingredients of Best Picture 6 years ago. The last few years more grittier films have won like THE DEPARTED, CRASH and NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. No doubt the WAR HORSE debate will continue.

*THE DESCENDANTS and MY WEEK WITH MARILYN opened in more theaters this weekend. Both have received mostly positive reviews. I did see THE DESCENDANTS this weekend and I will post my thoughts tomorrow.


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