This weekend I rented MELANCHOLIA on-demand. I like this new way that some studios are releasing their movies. MARGIN CALL is being rolled out the same way. While these movies are in theaters they are also available on-demand for a few extra dollars than other new releases. A film like MELANCHOLIA is not showing anywhere near me, so having the option to rent it on-demand is great.

Wow what a movie. Kirsten Dunst won Best Actress in Cannes this year and now I know why. She plays Justine a new bride who suffers from debilitating depression. The movie is split into two parts. First we see Justine’s wedding and start to get a feel for how her illness manifests itself. With the help of her sister Justine works on her recovery. Then the movie changes when they follow her sister and oh yeah a planet is heading on a crash course with earth. Dunst is fantastic playing it very low key, yet undeniably believable.  Director Lars Van Trier is able to create such a feeling of dread toward the end, I felt like I needed to run and hide from this Apocalypse. It probably could have been a little shorter, but trimming it could have rushed the suspense. I no doubt will have nightmares tonight and that is good!

Just tonight it was announced that MELANCHOLIA won Best Picture as well as awards for cinematography and production design at the European Film Awards. I am not sure if it has enough legs for many Oscar wins, but it is sure to get some production nominations. Lars Van Trier’s comments at Cannes claiming to be a Nazi sympathizer probably won’t make him a favorite with the Academy.  The Best Actress category is unfortunately way too competitive for Dunst this year. Maybe a Golden Globe??



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