The poster for this years Academy Awards was released today.

Supported by the tagline “Celebrate the movies in all of us,” the design is meant to evoke the emotional connections we all have with the movies. “Whether it’s a first date or a holiday gathering with friends or family, movies are a big part of our memory,” said Academy President Tom Sherak. “The Academy Awards not only honor the excellence of these movies, but also celebrate what they mean to us as a culture and to each of us individually.”

Hmm “emotional connection to the movies”.  It is no secret that emotion makes a Best Picture. Sasha Stone on Awardsdaily.com has recently been saying that the Academy voters are really choosing the movies that made them cry the most. If you look at the scenes in the poster that seems to ring true. So how does that translate this year? I have not seen THE ARTIST, but I don’t think that it will make you cry. THE ARTIST hoopla is about great film making and acting. Does that deserve to win over WAR HORSE which is the crier of the two? In fact every movie in the running for Best Picture has their “crying” moments; THE DESCENDANTS, HUGO, MONEYBALL, THE HELP, THE TREE OF LIFE and MIDNIGHT IN PARIS.


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