If you have read this blog at all this year you know that MELANCHOLIA is my favorite movie of the year maybe the last few years. When Kirsten Dunst won Best Actress on Cannes and it was nominated for their version of Best Picture (THE TREE OF LIFE won) it began to get some attention. Unfortunately director Lars Von Trier made a comment during a press conference at Cannes about understanding Hitler and being a Nazi sympathizer. This is probably what did the film in. Sure what Von Trier said was pretty stupid even if he was joking. But some of the best and most creative film makers have a little “crazy” in them. That is what makes them so great. I think that we can all agree that Woody Allen’s “crazy” has made for some great films. There is still the long standing debate about Roman Polanski, should he continue to be rewarded for his work after his sexual assault of a 13 year old girl. They all have their own degree of issues and it is not for me to decide when or if someone can be forgiven. But we can still honor the great movies that they produce.
Ann Thompson made a comment on her podcast this week as she was laughing “what is MELANCHOLIA going to be nominated for Best Picture?” Hahaha ..This comment made her sound so elitist and above anyone who could possibly be fan of this movie. I will stick by MELANCHOLIA until the end.

Here is the video of the very uncomfortable press conference with Von Trier. Poor Kirsten Dunst tries to stop him:



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