For the first time ever this year the Oscar voters will vote electronically. We should all welcome them to the year 2001. They will be doing away with the time wasted by mailing out ballots, waiting for them to be returned and counting each one by hand. The process of nominating a lousy film has become much easier. The could have a huge impact on future nominations. In years past the Academy Awards were the last movie awards of the season. Which could explain the low viewership. By the end of February we pretty much know who is going to win based on the 40 previous awards in the season. It is then very anti climatic. The new electronic process could make the Oscar awards handed out in January making more of the precursor awards obsolete. The other award groups like to beat the Oscars to the punch, so they could also move up their dates. Then it creates problems for the studios who have to release these movies in time to be considered.

The Academy voters are an older bunch, I think the average age is 60. And honestly some do not have computers and or internet access at all. This year when more studios streamed their movies instead of spending extra money to send a DVD screener, some of them could not even see the films being considered. So how the hell are they going to vote?


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