It seems like the Academy Awards have already happened. Last year at this time we werent sure if The Kings Speech or The Social Network was going to win Best Picture. Both films had their lover and haters. This year there is really nothing to debate. The safest least offensive film in the group, The Artist will win Best Picture. Many will complain and then it will be time to look forward to next year. In fact many have already moved on to discussing next year with realization that this year is over. The Best Actor category could go to Clooney or Djuardin, so there is one thing to still discuss. I think that we can assume that The Help will get the Actress nominations. Michel Hazanavicius will win Director, Christopher Plummer will be Best Supporting Actor, A Separation will win Best Foreign Language film and I could go on. The Academy has struggled to maintain an audience, especially a younger audience. They tried having 10 Best Picture nominations so movies like The Dark Night would bring in the young-ens. That didn’t work, so they tried James Franco and Anne Hathaway as hosts. That didn’t work. Billy Crystal might help, but the Oscar telecast can be sooo boring even with some unpredictable categories. I can only imagine what this year will be like when we already know the outcome.


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