Computer security experts say that next years Oscars ballot may be vulnerable to cyber attacks that could change the outcome if the AMPA changes to online voting. They are king their their final decision need week on whether or not to move forward with this. They will be partnering with a company names Everyone Counts,  They claim that they would incorporate “multiple layers of security” and “military-grade encryption techniques” to maintain its reputation as being safe and factual.
The problem lies in when you add multiple personal computers to a voting system, there is no guarantee that those individual PC’s are malware free. Many computer experts still don’t think that there is a 100% secure online voting system. There are too may variables and brings the results into question. Everyone Counts claims that paper ballots can be forged and tampered with easier than a computer can.
It sounds like a great idea in today’s age to incorporate online voting, but it seems to me that it is going to raise more problems than it is worth. I think we all question whether or not this years voting has already been hacked.



  1. I agree that it does give us more time to see all of the movies. I still have a handful to watch, but I think that the Oscars being the last awards show of the year makes them anti-climatic. We already know which films won all of the other awards. This late in the year people start to not care and are already looking into next year.


  2. I keep wondering whether it is worth it, regardless of whether it is hacked or not. It seems like for the cost of multiple layers of security and military grade encryption techniques, you could just as easily buy some stamps!!Although I do admit that I have an ulterior motive in this: If they move the awards any earlier, I am going to have a really hard time seeing all the contenders. It's fun when they're a nominee, but after you know they're a loser, I'd think that we'd have less interest or need to catch up with all of them. Seems like the studios might want to step in here. Sure, the one who wins will make out fine, but what about the rest of the field?


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