When The Artist was first screened many of the critics asked if a dong could win an Academy Award. Uggie plays, believe it or not, a dog in The Artist that saves the day. Much like Lassie would. Uggie also starred in last years Water for Elephants. There was also the Doberman Pincer is Hugo, the Pomeranian in Young Adult, Skeletor in 50/50 and Arthur in Beginners. All of these dogs played roles that were pivotal to their films. So rather than try to get The Academy to honor these animals The Dog News Daily had their First Annual Golden Collar Awards.

This year Uggie in The Artist won Best Dog in a Theatrical Film. 
Here are the rest of the Golden Collar Winners:
Best Dog in a Foreign Film: Koko from the Australian film “Red Dog,”
The Best Dog in a Television Series:  Brigitte from  Modern Family.
Best Dog in a Reality Television Series was a tie: Hercules from Pit Boss and Giggy from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. 
Can’t wait to predict next years winners.

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