Usually the Spirit Awards Best Picture does not translate to the the Oscars Best Picture.  This year will be the exception. The Artist’s strength continues to be proven by winning 4 Spirit Awards. It was good to see a few Oscar snubs get some recognition like, Shailene Woodley, 50/50 and Margin Call. Still nothing for Melancholia, but I will get over it.

Best Film: The Artist
Best Director: Michel Hazanavicius, The Artist
Best First Feature: Margin Call
John Cassavetes Award: Pariah
Best Female Lead: Michelle Williams, My Week With Marilyn
Best Male Lead Award: Jean Dujardin, The Artist
Best Supporting Female Award: Shailene Woodley,  The Descendants
Best Supporting Male Award: Christopher Plummer, Beginners
Best Screenplay: The Descendants
Best First Screenplay: 50/50
Best Cinematography : The Artist
Best Documentary: The Interruptors
Best International Film: A Separation
Piaget Producers Award: Sophia Linn, Take Shelter
Someone to Watch Award:  Mark Jackson, Without
Truer Than Fiction Award: Heather Courtney, Where Soldiers Come From
Robert Altman Awards: Margin Call


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