As we are hours away from knowing who is going to win this years Oscars, it is a good time to look back on this crazy year.
After The Cannes Film Festival I asked if a black and white silent movie could win an Academy Award. I thought that it was a cool thought, but would not happen. Back then we thought Warhorse was a sure thing for a Best Picture nomination and the winner. How could Spielberg direct an Epic with so much anticipation and not win Best Picture or get a Directing nomination? Well it happened. We Bought a Zoo was greatly anticipated and fell flat. Everyone assumed J.Edgar would get a Best Picture nomination as well as Best Actor for Leonardo Dicaprio. How could he not? Well he didn’t. We also predicted The Iron Lady as a Best Picture nominee but, the poor reviews pretty much counted it out. As usual, Meryl Streep stood the test of time and was rewarded with another nomination, but I don’t think that she will win. Many predicted Nicolas Winding Refn as Best Director for Drive as well as a Best Picture nomination. That didn’t happen. Remember when Micheal Fassbender was a shoe for a Best Actor nomination and nobody even knew who Demian Bichir was? We all were convinced that Tilda Swintion for We Need to Talk About Kevin was going get a nomination as well as Elizabeth Olsen and Kirstin Dunst. James Brooks was certainly going to win Best Supporting Actor. Best Supporting Actress was going to be Shailene Woodley or Cary Mulligan for Shame. Then surprise Summer hit The Help washed all of those away. Then Eddie Murphy was going to host and acted like he could care less. Brett Ratner was brought on to produce the show and said “rehearsal was for fags”. Well the Oscar bosses don’t really like that, so Ratner decided to quit. In a desperate attempt to save the show, Billy Crystal was brought back as an already successful Host.
So it goes to show that I never really know what is going to happen. As I looked back I was frustrated at how many things I was convinced would happen and never did. I had to remind myself that it is not about getting things right, but about following a race that can change on a dime. Just enjoy the ride and hope that some day your favorite movie will win.


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