Obviously this early in the Oscar race I can only speculate what this years possible Oscar contenders will be.  We are never really sure even in December which films will get a nomination. Right now it is not about being right, but about having fun speculating what the year has in store for us.  My friends at  NEVER TOO EARLY MOVIE PREDICTIONS  predict winners way in advance which is fun to do (they have CLIMATE CONTROL  predicted as Best Picture winner in 2017.)

The Oscar race kind if starts to take shape after the Cannes Film Festival in May.  Although the last time a film won thePalme d’Or (top prize at Cannes) and go on to win Best Picture was MARTY in 1955.  Last years winner and my favorite movie of 2011 MELANCHOLIA failed to do much at the Oscars.  With that said we still get to hear reviews of  many of this years festival entries. Don’t forget last year THE TREE OF LIFE buzz started during Cannes and made it all the way to a nomination.

So for now I will write about this years possibilities and watch them rise and fall. We will see movies with Oscar buzz fade away into nothing and a few “THE HELP’s” that come out of nowhere to get a nomination.

Please feel free to comment on your predictions throughout the year!


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