Movie trailers have never been more important than now.  A popular campaign on social media could make or break a movie. Putting together a compelling trailer is no easy task. A trailer has 2 and a half minutes to tell its story.  How many times do people say “the best parts were in the trailer” or “the movie was better than the trailer”?  Unbeknownst to me for the last 13 years the Golden Trailer Awards award the best in feature film previews. From their website:

Movie trailers play an increasingly important role in entertaining us and helping us determine where to spend our leisure time. The best trailers are works of art in their own right, expertly blending elements of cinema and advertising.

Each year through an open competition judged by film industry notables, the Golden Trailer Awards recognize the creative people who make movie trailers, and the best examples of their unique art, in a gala award show.

The Golden Trailer Awards is the awards show devoted to feature film previews. Since moviegoers consistently rate movie trailers as the most entertaining part of the theater experience, the Golden Trailer Awards celebrates the craftsmanship and allure of these potent mini-epics with a fast-paced show whose frenetic and sometimes irreverent style is perfect for the post-MTV era.

Taking only 90 minutes to roll through 16 categories ranging from Best Drama to the Golden Fleece, the Golden Trailer Awards is as diverse and exciting as the art form to which it pays homage.

This year the ceremony will be held on May 31st in LA.

Last years winner was THE SOCIAL NETWORK “domestic trailer”.  It perfectly uses a version of Radioheads “Creep” to tease the perils of Facebook:


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