There are a ton of things going on in Cannes right now. Fours days in to the festival we are starting to a few Oscar contenders. Last year THE ARTIST, MIDNIGHT IN PARIS and THE TREE OF LIFE all came from Cannes   and were Best Picture nominees. A lot will happen in the next 8 months, but here are a few movies getting good reviews at Cannes.

LAWLESS seams to be getting the most attention so far. It is the story of the Bondurant brothers in Franklin Country, Virginia, running alcohol during the the prohibition era. The Twitter reactions have been overwhelmingly positive and described as a must see.









Marion Cotillard is getting rave reviews for RUST AND BONE. Critics are already pegging her as a possible contender for the Best Actress award. The movie would also be a contender for Best Foreign Language Film.











BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD has by some critics been the best film they have seen so far this year. a young girl is faced with her father’s fading health and environmental changes that release an army of prehistoric creatures called aurochs. The six-year-old leaves her  home in search of her mother.



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