The 2012 Cannes film festival ends on Sunday with the award of the Palme d’Or for best picture. Here is a list from the possible 22 films that received the best reviews, but it is still anyone’s guess.

 AMOUR, a tale of death and what it means for an elderly couple living in an apartment. It takes place in a single building. Many were tearing up at the end.

Whatever his message, the spell of this incandescent film will be an elevating memory,” wrote Mary Corliss in Time Magazine. “In the history of movies about love, Amour lasts forever.”

RUST AND BONE, starring Marion Cotillard

HOLY MOTORS, Clearing the strangest movie of the bunch

KILLING THEM SOFTLY, One of the American films is a gangster tale starring Brad Pitt.

THE HUNT, a story about child abuse, from Ukraine.

MUD, with Reese Witherspoon and Matthew McConaughey, reviews were so-so.


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