The American movies at this years Cannes Film Festival did not win over many judges. Last years winner of the  Palme d’Or was THE TREE OF LIFE, which as we know went on to get a Best Picture nomination.

People were booing at the end of Lee Daniel’s THE PAPERBOY. Critics agreed that Nicole Kidman and John Cusak give a great performance, but Zac Efron can’t act and the script is ridiculous. KILLING THEM SOFTLY which will continually be mistakenly call Killing Me Softly, had mixed reviews, but no real Oscar stand outs. COSMOPOLIS and MUD don’t seem to have legs either. ON THE ROAD might get enough good reviews to have  some momentum.

AMOUR the Best Picture winner at Cannes this year is sure to get a Best Foreign Language Film nomination.

BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD is one film from Cannes that could go all the way. Even though it was not in the official competition. The reviews were all great. The Director Benh Zeitlin is only 23 years old. Oscar voters love a good story behind the making of a film, so a young Director might be enough to get some votes. It will be released June 27th. Which is usually too early for Oscar talk, but THE TREE OF LIFE was released May 27th last year and did alright.

We still have a long way to go until awards season and with movies like THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, LINCOLN, THE GREAT GATSBY and DJANGO UNCHAINED yet to be seen, the competition this year will be tough.



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