Here are some Twitter comments regarding AMOUR winning the Palme d’Or at Cannes:

“#Cannes2012Palmed’Or goes to Michael Haneke’s stately, tender Amour. There’s no arguing with love and death” tweeted Xan Brooks (@XanBrooks), Associate Editor at the Guardian.

“Amour” was a hot favorite for the Palme d’Or. The gripping and emotional tale of an elderly couple coming to terms with life’s struggles won over the Cannes jury and film critics alike.

Time Out London Film Editor Dave Calhoun (@davecalhoun) said the jury made the right decision. He tweeted “Palme d’Or to… Amour and Haneke… The right choice.”

“Haneke! You rock my world, dude. I will never forget Amour. It will cling to me for life” said Awards Daily Editor Sasha Stone(@AwardsDaily).




Film critic Roger Ebert (@ebertchicago) posted that “The winners of Cannes 2012: More or less as predicted.” Cameron Bailey (@cameron_tiff) Artistic Director of the Toronto International Film Festival concurred tweeting, “Palme D’Or to Michael Haneke’s AMOUR. Almost as predictable as an Oscar, but gratifying.Bravo.”

Film critic Robert Koehler (@bhkoe) tweeted “I won’t go as far as some colleagues in calling it the worst Cannes awards ever, but nothing for Carax’ HOLY MOTORS is an outrage.”


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