LOS ANGELES (AP) — The venue for the Oscars has a new name — and sound.

The posh 3,400-seat theater formerly known as the Kodak Theatre reopened Monday with a new audio-visual system and new signage as the Dolby Theatre. Dolby Laboratories Inc. announced a 20-year deal with Hollywood & Highland Center owner CIM Group last month to rename the theater, which has hosted the Academy Awards since 2002.

The audio-visual technology company outfitted the four-level venue with its Dolby 3D and Dolby Atmos projection and audio systems. Besides the Oscars, the Hollywood theater is home to the Cirque du Soleil production “Iris” and will host the world premiere next Monday of the Disney-Pixar film “Brave,” which will be the first feature film released utilizing the Dolby Atmos technology.

Unlike Dolby Surround 7.1, which uses different audio channels, Dolby Atmos can render sounds in space by harnessing individual speakers instead of entire speaker arrays. Dolby Atmos also adds overhead speakers, which were installed in the Dolby Theatre on two 50-foot-long trusses that must be removed for the acrobatic acts in “Iris.”

The 85th annual Academy Awards are scheduled to be held at the Dolby Theatre on Feb. 24, 2013.

There are rumors that they have been having technical difficulties with the Dolby Atmos and it may not be ready for the BRAVE premiere.


3 thoughts on “OSCARS NEW HOME

  1. Thanks Matt. I had heard about the name change, but hadn’t been updated about the new speakers.

    I often think about how ironic it would be if things had been just one year different and the first ceremony at the Dolby Theater was the one to recognize the silent film The Artist. Yes, there was sound in it, but it would have made for a little intrigue at least!


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