Pixar continues to create big box office hits. BRAVE seems to be a big deal because it stars the first female protagonist. So of course anyone with a bad review is automatically labeled as sexist as will the Oscar voters if they don’t nominate BRAVE for Best Animated Feature. Movies should be rewarded for being great movies, not special treatment because it has a female or even an African-American lead. Many complain that female directors do not get nominations. It is not because they are female. They just may not be directing the “Oscar worthy movies” Katheryn Bigelow made THE HURT LOCKER and it won Best Picture.  Bigelow’s research for ZERO DARK THIRTY is so detailed that the Obama Administration is getting flack for giving out too much info. Sounds like it is going to be a great film.

Back to BRAVE. The reviews have been mixed. There is no question that the movie looks great and the details are amazing, but the story is not getting as much love. Many are going to just love it just because of the female lead regardless of how the film really is.

Maybe I am too naive to believe that so much obvious sexism or racism exists in the awards race. I don’t doubt that there is favoritism, but favoritism aside, a film should be judged by the achievement in film making and not on gender or race.


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