THE DARK KNIGHT RISES will finally be released this Friday. Many theaters will have Midnight screenings as well as DARK KNIGHT marathons beginning on Thursday night. That is over 7 hours of Batman!

The big question is, will TDKR get a Best Picture nomination? The reason that The Academy went to 10 Best Picture nominees is because THE DARK KNIGHT failed to get a BP nomination in 2008. Ten nominees provide a wider variety of movies and lessening the chances of a snub. So, it is hard to imagine that the franchise that completely changed Oscar voting could get left out again. It is also a great way to honor the entire trilogy and Director Christopher Nolan‘s work. Nolan has never had a Best Director nomination. INCEPTION and MOMENTO hello? This could be his year. It will be interesting to see if it surpasses THE AVENGERS at the box office.

AVENGERS opening weekend: $207,438,708. Total Gross so far: $613,548,732 [est.]

BoxOffice.com is projecting opening weekend at $195,000,000 with a total of $575,000,000. These numbers seem rather conservative, but they point out that the Olympics could hurt a little.

Only 4 sleeps left (3 if you go at 12am).




Please send me your comments after you see TDKR. Sometimes a movie cannot live up to too much hype.




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