Warner Brothers waited until Monday to release THE DARK KNIGHT RISE numbers out of respect for the victims of the Colorado shooting. It earned $160.9 million over the weekend, making it the biggest 2D opening ever, but a little lower than expected. It is currently at $180.2 million.

TDKR is the movie the third-largest opening this year after THE AVENGERS with $207.4 million and HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS with $169.2 million.

The shooting kept some people away, but it will no doubt make up some ground in the coming weeks.







  1. Hi, Ricardo I just went and checked some of my D-Lux 5 .rwl files on my MacBook Pro, and they oneepd just fine in Adobe Bridge and Photoshop CS5. The version of Adobe Camera Raw that opens up when I open one of the files is Adobe Camera Raw version 6.4.1, and I don’t recall having any problems with these RAW files in the past. I don’t use Lightroom very much, but I just tried it and it also oneepd my D-Lux 5 RAW files with no problem. I suspect the problem may be with the version of Adobe Camera Raw that you have installed; I suggest checking to see if you have version 6.4.1 and if not, downloading it from the Adobe web site. I believe you can just open your software and choose Help Check for Updates to get the latest updates. I hope this helps resolve your issue. Alex


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