THE DARK KNIGHT RISES box office numbers have been lower than expected. The lower numbers are most likely due to the shooting in Colorado and the Olympics. The word of mouth has been so-so, but fan-boys will go see it regardless and probably multiple times.

*It dropped 60% percent this weekend grossing $64 million.

*The total so far is at $289 million.

*It is less than THE DARK KNIGHT had made at this point with $313 million.

*It is also less than THE AVENGERS at this point at $373 million.

These are still huge number for a movie. I don’t think that anyone at Warner Brothers is disappointed.

The question now is will TDKR be nominated for Best Picture. Before I saw the movie I predicted that it absolutely would, but now I am not so sure. I think that it will depend on how many Best Picture nominees there are. If there are more than 6 nominees it may squeeze in there. We still have all of the Fall film festivals to go through and the competition is tough. Remember that a huge number of Oscar voters need to choose TDKR as their NUMBER ONE movie in order to get a nomination. Word on the street is that it did not play well with some Academy voters. I could see Christopher Nolan getting a Best Director nomination and a lot of technical nominations, but Best Picture is looking lesser than a sure thing.



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