The Telluride Film Festival ends today. While Toronto is a better indication of how the Oscar race might go, Telluride starts the conversation at least in the Best Picture category. If anything Telluride is known for premiering Best Pictures, Slumdog Millionaire, The King’s Speech, and The Artist all started their Oscar runs here. This year it’s ARGO.

Scott Feinberg Wrote:The audience gave a rousing ovation to the movie, which appears to me to be a very solid contender to score a best picture Oscar nomination,” 

Anne Thompson tweeted: rousing applause for ben affleck’s “Argo.” it resonates. Well timed Mideast drama with CIA heroes.

Pete Hammond: Argo debuts at Telluride. Sensational. Instant Oscar contender. Ben Affleck triumph 

According to Jefferey Wells here is the word coming from the movies sean so far at Telluride.

Best buzz so far:Ben Affleck’s ARGO, Pablo Larrain’s No, Dror Moreh’s THE GATEKEEPERS, Wayne Blair’s THE SAPPHIRES, Ken Burns’ THE CENTRAL PARK FIVE.

Good buzz: Noah Baumbach’s FRANCES HA, Christian Petzold’s BARBARA.

Flat or downish buzz: Roger Michell’s HYDE PARK ON THE HUDSON, Sally Potter’s GINGER AND ROSA, Ramin Bahrani’s AT ANY PRICE.


2 thoughts on “ARGO BEST PICTURE?

  1. I will catch this movie when it advances to Blu-ray suatts. From your review and the comments, I am prepared to like it. It certainly sounds better than the only other movie I remember themed on the Iranian hostage crisis.That was the made-for-TV movie – “On Wings of Eagles”. This was a vanity history paid for by Ross Perot. It tried to justify Perot’s loopy private invasion of Iran. It was his second private invasion and, like the first, a bust. But if you have enough money you can tell the story your way.It’s amazing how many expensive war movies have been made about every obscure little action in WWII. But nothing about the Kosovo conflict or even the campaign to round up Islamic terrorists. Surely this is Hollywood’s greatest sin.I had an intern from Iran who’s father gave half of all his cash to each of his two sons and put them on motorcycles. The told them to head for the border. They made it to California. It was quite an adventure, as worthy of a feature film as any WWII tale of daring doo. Another friend and colleague escaped from Iraq. He told be once with great sincerity that Saddam Hussein was the devil. His story and the story of other Christians in Iraq also needs to be told. The Nazis were bad guys, but so have been only too many other groups. I applaud Afflick for not making yet another movie about how we beat those pesky Nazis.Albertosaurus


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