A few announcements regarding this year Academy Awards were made this week.

*The academy announced it has moved its Oscar nominations date to January 10.  Five days earlier than had previously been schedules in order to give the public and its members more time to see the nominated movies before the annual ceremony in Hollywood. This might help with the problem of voters just voting for movies that they hear about, but haven’t seen. Which happens more than you would think.

*Voting for the Oscars is going electronic for the first time. It will speed up the process and may encourage younger voters.
In a transition process, the academy’s 6,000 members also will be able to use traditional paper ballots to nominate and select the best actors, films, directors, screen writers and other winners of 2012.
In the past, Oscar ballots have been mailed around the world to Academy members. Then the results were counted by hand.
Industry watchers said the move to electronic voting could be difficult for some academy members, who have a reputation for being older and more conservative by nature.

* Also The Academy gave the go-ahead to continue last years process of making copies of films available to members through online streaming, rather than on traditional DVDs.


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