One of the problems with following movies all year-long is that the early word of mouth creates such high expectations that you usually walk out of the theater disappointed. ARGO is the exception. It is so far the best movie I have seen this year. Ben Affleck has directed 2 movies prior to ARGO and he is making a name for himself as one of the best Directors we have today.

ARGO is the true story of militants taking control of the U.S. embassy in Tehran during the height of the Iranian Revolution in 1979. CIA agent Tony Mendez creates a fake Hollywood film production to rescue a group of American diplomats who have taken refuge at the home of a Canadian ambassador. Affleck incorporates real news clips from the event which make the film all more impressive. The credits include frames from the movie along side pictures of the real event and they are dead on. Even though we know the ending, Affleck is able to create more suspense than any other true story adaptation I have ever seen before. He can tell a story in perfect sequence and exactly at the right pace. There has been some criticism of Afflecks portrayal of Tony Mendez as being too subtle. It is the subtleness of his performance that makes it so great. He can just give a look without  and you can see the tension in his eyes which tells the whole story. The supporting team of Bryan Cranston, John Goodman and Alan Arkin are all award worthy performances. To quote Sasha Stone at Argo is just a great fucking movie!



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