While everyone waits to see LES MISERABLES to decide its chances at Best Picture, a new trailer was released this week.

At this point it is really hard to not imagine it getting a BP nomination and Anne Hathaway winning Best Actress.



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  2. Okay, so tote’s late to the party, but here’s my feels on this movie, which I seem to be oddly stoked for:It can go one of two ways: The Chicago route, or The Phantom of the Opera route.The Chicago route will allow this adtoataipn to be true to the musical in both size and scope. It will follow the plot of the source and allow the actors to find their internal motivations through song, which I think Anne has done very well in “I Dreamed A Dream”. It will keep the energy of the stage play and respect the original intent of the original producers, directors, and choreographers (Though Chicago could’ve used more Fosse, but what doesn’t need more Fosse?). While Chicago did omit a few songs, they were considered in the cutting process, as everything was recorded as per the show’s outline.The Phantom of the Opera route, however, Les Mis will start lacking it’s focus, though would have potential to become a great movie. The casting choices could be not what we wanted (which Les Mis has already had its fair share in the fandom), and the sequence of event might be switched to create better flow of the story (the iconic Chandelier crash comes to mind).EITHER WAY, I’m looking forward to see what they do with it. But it looks positive from here, and Christmas can’t come fast enough.


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