1134604 - Zero Dark Thirty


Best Film: Zero Dark Thirty– This win definitely puts ZDT on the list for Best Picture. The NY critics group is tough and aren’t afraid to show it. They have a pretty good record for their Best Film picks going on to win the Oscar. Maybe LINCOLN is not a lock after all?

Best Director: Kathryn Bigelow, Zero Dark Thirty- NYFCC do not like Steven Spielberg. He has never won Best Director. If it didn’t happen this year, it will never happen. This win for Bigelow give more power to ZDT.

Best Actress: Rachel Weisz, Deep Blue Sea- Seemed to come out of nowhere especially with Anne Hathaway in the running.

Best Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis, Lincoln- Everyone knows that DDL is going to win his third Best Actor Oscar this year, so why not a NYFCC award too.

Best Supporting Actress: Sally Field, Lincoln- Some say she was miscast. She is older than Mary Todd was at that time, but whatever role Sally Field is given she knocks it out of the park.

Best Supporting Actor: Matthew McConaughey, Bernie and Magic Mike- He better in KILLER JOE this year, but that would have put him in the lead actor category. No chance of winning against DDL.

Best Screenplay: Tony Kushner, Lincoln- A script 10 years in the making from one of the best books ever written. Kushner is also a lock for a Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar.

Best Cinematography: Greig Fraser, Zero Dark Thirty- More love for ZDT

Best Foreign Language Film: Michael Haneke, Amour-We have known for most of the year that AMOUR had legs. This win confirms it.

Best First Film: David France, How To Survive a Plague-Surprisingly Beasts of the Southern Wild was shut out. Really hoping Beasts gets some nominations.

Best Nonfiction Film: Ken Burns, Sarah Burns, David McMahon, The Central Park Five- Up until today this movie could have won an Oscar for Best Doc, but now officially not in the running. Not sure what happened there.

Best Animated Film- Frankenweenie- No real stand out animated movie this year, but Frankenweenie had decent reviews.


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